Our Vision

Our vision is to connect people more deeply to the natural world and thus to themselves and to their community.

Our Mission

To steward and share Shield Ranch in ways that educate, inspire and transform.

We achieve our mission by:

  • Restoring the land through the practice of land stewardship
  • Protecting the land and its resources through advocacy and engagement in regional issues
  • Facilitating research and education
  • Offering a diverse array of educational programs and nature immersion experiences
  • Appreciating the benefits of natural quiet for people and wildlife.
Our Values


We are deeply committed to the preservation of the natural world and to the protection of the lands and waters on which all life depends. We are acutely aware that our actions today impact future generations who will inherit the world we leave them. We seek to care for the land in a manner that provides clean water and air, open space, and a mosaic of habitats for native plants and wildlife.


We know from experience that places of natural beauty awaken our relationship with ourselves, with the land, and with the mystery of spirit. Five generations of our family have experienced Shield Ranch as a sacred space and a refuge, and we desire to share our experience of this place with others.


We are rooted in the natural and human communities to which we belong. We listen closely to the land, and we rely on the knowledge and expertise of others. We are committed to deepening and broadening our collaboration with a diverse array of partners.