Shield Ranch Barton Creek is Certified ‘Quiet Place’ by Quiet Parks International  

By July 17, 2023July 25th, 2023Campsite at Shield Ranch, Conservation
Blake Murden stands in field of wildflowers in large oak trees in the background.
Photo by Jonathan Vail.

Shield Ranch Barton Creek was certified with a “Quiet Conservation Area Award” presented by Quiet Parks International (QPI) on June 21, 2023.  

QPI is a nonprofit volunteer organization committed to saving quiet for the benefit of all life. QPI’s Quiet Conservation Areas are natural areas of exceptional quality that may provide opportunities for quiet human enjoyment yet are at-risk from noise pollution, and where land manager(s) and/or landowner(s) actively seek to protect and/or restore natural quiet.   

“In a rapidly urbanizing area, it’s becoming rarer to find places to experience quiet,” says Blake Murden, CEO of Shield Land Stewardship Group. “We’re dedicated to keeping Shield Ranch Barton Creek a quiet place because we know this type of acoustic environment offers many benefits to people and wildlife.”  

Scientific studies have shown that quiet time in nature may provide positive health benefits including relaxation, improved focus, and better sleep. It is also beneficial to wildlife as it helps them communicate, attract mates, and sense danger. 

Learn more by visiting QPI’s website and by reading Shield Ranch Barton Creek’s award profile