Shield Ranch 2021 Interns

By June 10, 2021Conservation

Shield Ranch is proud to announce our 2021 summer interns.

Joshua Robledo

Joshua Robledo is a senior pursuing a degree in wildlife biology at Texas State University. He grew up in San Antonio and developed a passion for wildlife and conservation at a young age. There were very few opportunities for him to enjoy the outdoors, so in his free time he could be found sketching wild landscapes and wildlife with pen and ink in his sketchbook. During the summer months, Joshua would head to his grandfather’s ranchette and to explore and work on the land. In these moments, he began to enjoy the outdoors and what it had to offer. Joshua envisions himself eventually entering a career as a wildlife manager or wetland ecologist. His ultimate goal is to help conserve as much biodiversity as possible and to help repair what has been undone in the natural world.

Noah Pastor is a junior at Texas A&M University where he studies wildlife and fisheries sciences with a specialization in conservation biology. Noah fell in love with the Texas Hill Country while growing up in Austin – near Shield Ranch, in fact! When he graduates, he hopes to enter a career in conservation, a field he has wanted to work in his whole life, so that he can help protect and preserve all the natural beauty, as well as resources, the state has to offer. Noah is excited to work on Shield Ranch this summer and participate in the day-to-day land management practices that go into land conservation and stewardship. In Noah’s free time he loves to fly fish, hike, hunt, skateboard, travel, read and run.

Noah Pastor