Justine Salsbury

Program Director, Shield Ranch Foundation
Director, El Ranchito Summer Camp

Justine began working with El Ranchito as a seasonal staff member in 2016, serving as our Nature Discovery Camp Director. Her natural abilities to facilitate community and create excitement, along with her love of kids and the natural world, made her the ideal candidate when the position of camp director opened up in 2017. She also coordinates access to the Ranch for organizations providing education and nature immersion experiences to diverse audiences.

Justine grew up in Tarpon Springs, Florida and attended Florida State University where she studied International Affairs and Spanish. She began her career creating experiential education adventures for college and high school students in Latin America and Europe. She has lived and worked in Costa Rica, Panama and Spain. Justine reflects, “One of the most inspiring parts of my job is facilitating the special community of El Ranchito and the unique togetherness that is possible in the wild and peaceful expansiveness of Shield Ranch.”

Her leadership extends beyond El Ranchito, since she also serves on the Children in Nature Collaborative of Austin Leadership Team and the board of directors for the Texas Informal Science Education Association.