Connecting to Your Creativity: A Q&A with Natalie Davis

By August 16, 2023March 21st, 2024Campsite at Shield Ranch
Natalie Davis in her studio. Photography by Arden Wray.

How can connecting with nature inspire your creativity? 

Connecting with nature takes us out of our mundane lives and drops us into an awe-inspiring experience of beauty and calmness. It helps us remember that we are one small part of a much larger story. It shifts our perspective and that’s invaluable. 

What are some of the ways you protect and recharge your own creativity?   

I have a morning routine that gives me time to center myself and connect to my own needs first. I believe “no” is a complete sentence. When I need to recharge, I go for a walk, hike, or swim to feel connected to my body and my environment. 

Do you have a creative quote you live by or a guiding principle?  

“Art is learning to see.”  

When we slow down and really pay attention to the details, that’s when life/art can become magic. Art continually teaches me to shift my point of view. If I’m feeling stuck or frustrated, generally it’s a sign that I need to slow down and look at the situation from a different perspective. 

Who is an artist; and how does that apply to the upcoming Creative Nature Retreat at the Campsite at Shield Ranch?    

Everyone is an artist. Whether you create with brushes, cooking a meal, or putting together an outfit, we all express our ideas and creativity in so many different ways. This retreat will help us suspend judgement around creativity and be really present and appreciative of the many forms of expression.  

What do you hope retreat guests will gain from their experience?   

I hope guest will leave the retreat feeling both relaxed and energized by the experience. I hope guests feel empowered and connected to their own creative spirit, knowing that they can tap into that spirit at any moment. 

Natalie Davis will lead a Creative Nature Retreat at the Campsite at Shield Ranch on Oct. 6-8, 2023. She is a creative director, artist, and coach. To learn more about the Creative Nature Retreat, visit here.